We have a special guest visiting us in our ecosystem. As announced some months ago,  DONNA GRIFFIT is already in our region.

Give her your numbers, your facts, your figures, your bits and bytes and she will put them all through her magic filter and spin them into a golden story. Yes – where you see data – She sees a living, breathing, captivating story with the potential to drive people to action. And that’s what good storytelling is all about – not showing how good you are rather how great you can make them!

Donna´s Specialties: Training, startup pitches and fundraising materials, presentation organization and delivery, business writing, group leading, coaching, acting, virtual presenting, marketing and sales, business development.

Rhein-Main-Startups and start zero were deeply involved in helping out Donna to connect her with you, since we believe it can be very beneficial for a lot of founders and projects on our network, therefore, there will be a good list of opportunities to catch-up face to face.


9th of August @ WeWork (evening event)  



13th of August @CoWorkPlay ( flexible one to one meetings – office hours – to be arranged)


14th of August @ TechQuartier ( lunch event with Digital Madness)

16th of August – Coworking Koenigstein (evening event)

Donna will be also in Nuremberg and Berlin if you are interested



Some taste of it:


You can reach out to us using the page: