First of all, I must confess, I was hesitating about publishing or not this article, due to the fact that I´m not a special fan of this kind of special dates ( just like Valentine’s days).

In my opinion, the fact that we need to celebrate a special day, may mean that deep inside there is a discrimination during the rest of the year?

Anyway, for us at, we never discriminate on business size, business ideas, founders age, founders location, and even less on genders.

That said, today you will see a lot of news, reports, events, and attention to the International Women’s Day, and yes, like it or not, if the majority of people celebrates it, you can´t skip it.

So my angle is simple, and I hope our network will enrich it, and make it even better.

It´s not a ranking, it´s not a competition between Women ( or between Women and Men), but who are the Women Who Inspire our Rhein-Main Startups ecosystem?

Founders, Speakers, Investors, friends, drop your name, tag your friends, and let’s bring some attention to them today. They deserve it. Not only today but every day.

Congrats on your work and keep inspiring us.

Some kind of a list:

Maria Pennanen – Co-founder Accelerator Frankfurt

Mynia Deeg – Managing Director & COO at Antelope.Club

Carolin Wagner – Startup Safari event Manager

Jana Ehret and Yvonne Schrodt – Managing Directors of Co-work & play GmbH

Celine von Wallenberg – Marketing Consultant and Global Shaper

Marina Zayats – Co-Organizer of TEDxGutleutviertelWomen

Rahel Demant – COO of VR First

Sarah Kübler – Managing Director of HitchOnübler-hitchon/

Katharina Braun – Managing Director of Unibator 

Dr. Gesine (Wolf-Zimper) von der Groeben – Partner bei Beiten Burkhardt Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH

Christine Mueller – part of the Social Impact Lab team 

Mona Szyperski – among multiple things – Regional Organizer Women Techmakers 

Christine Völkel – Senior Project Manager for conferences in the financial industry with focus on digitalization

Christine Mathan – Dirsuptor at Deutsche Bank

Mirjam Pütz – CDO of Deutsche Bank

 Sibylle Yaakov – Vice President Head of Global Marketing at FrankfurtRheinMain GmbH

 Corinna Haas – HR Architect & Entrepreneur

 Jana Wardag – Founder/Curator and Talent Manager













Note: Article under updates towards community feedback

Last updated at 19:03- 08.03.2018