First of all, yes, this event is not in Frankfurt or Rhein Main Area, but, it would be hard not to mention one of the most important events and one that has been growing into such an international platform/meetup between the biggest companies but also the small but promising projects, startups, investors and service providers from Europe.

It´s going to take place in Lisbon from the 6th to 9th of November.

Startups can still try to apply for Alpha – in order to get not only tickets but access to multiple opportunities such as mentoring or access to capital/investment.

According to the organization, last year, more than four thousand attendees were from Germany, and this year it´s expected to beat the record. Some of the companies that we know that are joining, nevisQ. IDA Indoor Advertising GmbH, QCADE, Dalia Research, ANTELOPE.CLUB, COBI, unoso – bloola, Versility Labs GmbH, Sponsoo, DailyDress, COOPER COPTER, Sky Lab Institute, MyMie, collectAI, Brooksfleet
Healthcare X.O Cognitive Computing, Easylytics, arculus GmbH, Hitchon, SUSI&James GmbH, POWERJames GmbH, OKIKO, InfluencerDB, Software Solutions Center One GmbH, whatsgonow, Fabusco, AISmart Inc., Qurdo, SIGRA Technologies GmbH, Open as App, AX Semantics, Binando, Glarify, Brainyoo Ltd, SMARD Transactions GmbH & Co. KG, etc

If you are joining, please ping us! We will also be there!

Looking forward.





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